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3 months ago

Sentero, an Interview with the inventor Livu Babitz, by Zack Hurtz

Get the big picture when traveling with this revolutionary wearable device. Always know where you are in the world in relation to the universe and those you love!

Show Notes: Join us as Zack sits down with Livu Babitz of Cyborg Nest to discuss the Sentero. Sentero is a piece of wearable tech that connects the user to the world via haptic feedback using vibrations to indicate direction and increase awareness of special orientation. The device also allows you to feel other users heart beats, find the direction of locations around the globe. Want to know what direction to face to find your childhood town? Use Sentero to serve as your guide. You can do the same thing for people, so when your loved one calls you or you’re thinking about them Sentero indicates where they are on Earth. If you’d like to contact Liviu or Zack you’ll find their contact information below… Liviu Babitz: Founder and CEO of Cyborg Nest [email protected] Cyborg Nest: https://www.cyborgnest.net/ Zackery Hurtz: Podcast producer

[email protected]

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